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Terms of Service

July 25, 2018

Article 1 Confirmation and Acceptance of Terms of Service

(1) The terms and conditions described below constitute the agreement reached between you and the BitexBay.com platform for the use of the Services. When you complete your registration and you click in front of these Terms of Service, you agree that both parties have reached an agreement on the terms of service that are binding on you and this site, including but not limited to this agreement, BitexBay.com platform members Service agreements and privacy policies. If you do not agree to accept all the terms and conditions, please do not stop at the mouth. At this time, the two parties have not reached an agreement on the terms of service. The service agreement is not binding on you and this site. Bennet has no obligation to you. Provides services for the BitexBay.com platform.

(2) Within the validity period of the contract, the BitexBay.com platform has the right to amend the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time, and will be binding on you and the website upon its publication. After you modify the Terms of Service on the BitexBay.com platform, your continued use of the Service shall be deemed to have accepted the modified Terms.
(3) No person shall modify this Agreement unless it is authorized in writing by the BitexBay.com platform.

(4) The ownership and final interpretation of the web services provided by the BitexBay.com platform are owned by BitexBay.com. In this agreement, users licensed to use the BitexBay.com platform service are referred to as "users."

Second service content

(1) Provided that the user agrees to abide by the terms of this agreement, the user has the right to publish and comply with Chinese laws and regulations (including administrative regulations, local laws and regulations, autonomous regulations, and separate regulations and rules) on the BitexBay.com platform site. Other types of regulatory documents, including departmental regulations, local regulations, decisions, orders, etc., as well as information required by the BitexBay.com platform's website Terms of Service.

(2) The BitexBay.com platform uses its own operating system to provide services for users to successfully publish information on the BitexBay.com platform website through the Internet.

Article 3 User Rights and Obligations

(1) The user has the right to publish in compliance with Chinese laws and regulations (including administrative regulations and local laws and regulations, autonomous regulations and individual regulations and rules), and to include departmental rules, local regulations, decisions, and orders in the designated locations on the BitexBay.com platform website. Other types of regulatory documents, etc., as well as information required by the BitexBay.com platform's website Terms of Service, and the various services offered by the BitexBay.com platform in accordance with this platform's service rules.
(2) The user is obliged to ensure that the information it publishes complies with laws, regulations (including administrative regulations and local laws, autonomous regulations, and individual regulations and rules), and other types of regulations including department rules, local rules, decisions, orders, etc. Sex documents and related service rules of the BitexBay.com platform website, and maintain and manage the published information in a timely manner. Any dispute arising from the illegal publication of information by the user is the responsibility of the user and does not have any relationship with the platform.
(3) Taking into account the importance of BitexBay.com platform products and services, users are obligated to ensure that all information they provide (including but not limited to personal registration information, project information, etc.) is true, accurate, with no major omissions or misleading. In the event that the information provided by the user is inaccurate, untrue, illegal, or has major omissions or misdirection, the BitexBay.com platform reserves the right to end users' use of various services on BitexBay.com platform, and the user shall compensate all losses caused thereby.
(4) In addition to the conditions stipulated by the BitexBay.com platform, a user's transaction on the BitexBay.com platform's information publishing activity shall agree with the counterparty on specific trading conditions and complete the transaction. At the same time, users clearly know that they should make independent investment judgments on the projects published on the BitexBay.com platform, and the BitexBay.com platform does not assume any responsibility for users’ investment judgments.
(5) BitexBay.com only accepts real-name recharge, and the bank's name information must match the name of your certification. I acknowledge that the information submitted belongs to me and there is no fraudulent use or misappropriation of other people’s documents. The consequences of any fraudulent use or misappropriation of others' documents shall be borne by me.

(6) When BitexBay.com has reasonable grounds to suspect that users provide false identity information, they have the right to refuse registration or to freeze or cancel registered accounts and assets.

Article 4 BitexBay.com Platform Rights and Obligations

(1) The BitexBay.com platform should use professional electronic technology to provide technical services for users to publish information.
(2) If the user has one of the following acts, the BitexBay.com platform has the right to immediately stop the technical support of the information released by the user and save the relevant records. If necessary, it may report to the relevant national authorities according to laws and regulations, and delete Contains the address, directory, or shuts down the server. The user shall bear all legal liabilities and compensate for the losses suffered by the BitexBay.com platform, including reasonable recourse costs:
a. The products provided by users have infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of any third party such as intellectual property rights and property rights, or may cause adverse influence or infringement on third parties;
b. Users use the online platform provided by BitexBay.com platform to conduct any criminal activities, or to promote the dissemination of information prohibited by laws and regulations, or all activities that harm the interests of the BitexBay.com platform;
c. The user has violated any clause of this agreement and has not corrected it after warning by BitexBay.com platform;
d. The user's behavior interferes with the BitexBay.com platform's services.
(III) User agrees that BitexBay.com platform has the right to violate the laws, regulations (including administrative regulations and local regulations, autonomy regulations and separate regulations and rules) and to include departmental rules and local regulations for the users in accordance with this agreement and the platform service rules. Other types of regulatory documents, such as decisions, orders, etc., as well as the behavior of the BitexBay.com platform's Web site Terms of Service, include, but are not limited to, interrupting their accounts, deleting addresses, directories, or shutting down servers.

(4) The BitexBay.com platform or BitexBay.com Technology Co., Ltd. does not guarantee the authenticity, timeliness and validity of the information published on this platform. The understanding and understanding of such information shall depend on the judgment of the user.

Article 5 Limitation and Exclusion of Liability and Liability

(1) According to this agreement, BitexBay.com platform only provides users with cyberspace and technical services. It does not guarantee or guarantee the authenticity, legitimacy, timeliness and validity of the information released by users. The user understands and uses them. This information should rely on its own independent thinking and investment judgment. Users will not receive oral or written comments or information from BitexBay.com Technology Co., Ltd. unless otherwise stated. The Coin Win Network platform does not make any commitment to the user's investment income, and does not assume any responsibility for the user's investment losses.
(2) BitexBay.com Network Technology Co., Ltd. does its best to maintain the stability of the BitexBay.com platform, but does not interrupt or operate the telecommunications system or the Internet, technical failures, computer errors or viruses, information damage or loss or resulting therefrom. Any other kind of damage to the user or any third party is liable.
(3) The risk of users explicitly agreeing to use the BitexBay.com platform service is borne by the user. BitexBay.com platform does not guarantee that the service will satisfy the user's requirements. The user understands and accepts any information obtained by downloading or through the BitexBay.com platform's product service depends on the user himself, and the user himself undertakes system damage, data loss and other Any risk.

(4) The parties acknowledged that this clause reflects the unanimous opinion reached by the parties on the negotiation and negotiation. All parties are fully aware of the consequences of this article and further recognize the reasonableness of this article.

Article 6 Privacy Policy and Security

(1) Respecting users' personal privacy is a basic policy of the BitexBay.com platform. The BitexBay.com platform will try its best to maintain user privacy. Unless authorized by the user, BitexBay.com platform will not disclose, modify or disclose the user's registration information, nor will it disclose the non-public content of BitexBay.com platform services, except:
a. In order to comply with the mandatory regulations of national laws and regulations, or to request the competent authority to provide the content of the information posted on the BitexBay.com platform's website and its release date, Internet address or domain name.
b. To protect the intellectual property rights and other important rights of the BitexBay.com platform.
c. To protect the privacy of users and the general public in an emergency.
d. In accordance with the relevant provisions of this article or other circumstances that the BitexBay.com platform deems necessary.

(2) Once the user has successfully registered as a user, he will receive a password and account number. Users will be solely responsible for any damages caused to users, BitexBay.com platform or third parties if they do not keep their own account numbers and passwords. In addition, each user should take full responsibility for all activities and events in the corresponding account. Users can change your password and icon at any time, or you can end an old account and reopen a new one. The user agrees to promptly notify BitexBay.com Network Technology Co., Ltd. of any illegal use of user accounts or security breaches.

Article 7 Intellectual Property

(1) The ownership of the products involved in BitexBay.com platform services and the intellectual property rights of related software are owned by BitexBay.com.
(2) In this platform, whether the user is original or the user has been authorized by the copyright owner, the uploading of the user means that the copyright owner of the user or user agent authorizes the BitexBay.com platform and BitexBay.com Network Technology Co., Ltd. The irrevocable perpetual use right and income right of the uploaded work are free of charge, but the user or the original copyright holder still retains the copyright of the uploaded work.

(3) The user shall ensure that the information it publishes does not infringe any third party intellectual property and other rights, otherwise the loss caused to the third party and BitexBay.com platform shall be borne by the user.

Article 8 Force Majeure

If an unforeseen event occurs due to hacking or government control or network communications, both parties confirm that this is an event of force majeure; the parties shall negotiate on the extent to which this agreement will be affected in accordance with force majeure, and decide whether or not to terminate this agreement or exempt from performance. Part of the obligations of this agreement, or extended implementation of this agreement.

Article 9 Law and Dispute Resolution

(1) The Chinese law shall apply to the signing, effect, interpretation and execution of this agreement and the resolution of disputes.

(2) The dispute between the parties arising from this agreement shall be settled through friendly consultation; if the negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit in the People's Court where Bitex Bay.com Network Technology Co., Ltd. is located.

Article 10 Period

The term of this agreement shall be counted from the date the user clicks on the agreement, and will be terminated automatically from the date the user logs off the account.

Article 11 Transfer of Agreement

Unless you have obtained the prior written consent of the BitexBay.com platform. Users may not transfer their rights and obligations under this Agreement to any third party. Otherwise, the user shall assume full responsibility for any damage caused by the third party or cause any damage to the third party, regardless of the BitexBay.com platform.

Article 12 Others

(1) This agreement constitutes a complete agreement between the user and the BitexBay.com platform for the use of the platform, and supersedes the previously agreed oral and written agreement between the parties regarding any matter contained in this agreement.
(2) If any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, the above terms may be separated and the remaining portion shall still have legal force.
(3) The title of this agreement is set only for the convenience of reading, and does not define, limit, explain or describe the scope or boundary of the clause.
(4) Where the BitexBay.com platform waives the rights stipulated in this agreement in the event of a negligence or breach of contract by the user, it shall not be deemed as a waiver of any other or subsequent negligence or default by the user.
(5) The platform does not participate in any trading activities, and both buyers and sellers are registered users of this site. As a registered user, you warrant that you are the legal owner of all funds in your account and that your transactions do not infringe the rights or applicable laws of any third party. To the extent permitted by law, this site will not be liable for any damages, loss of profits, loss of income, loss of business, or loss of data, unless the loss is caused by the site's violation of these terms of service. This site is not responsible for any damages caused by network failures, network interruptions or network delays, and any other loss resulting from failure to access this site. If the content of this website includes links to other websites provided by third parties, these links are for information only and we cannot be responsible for their content. This site is not liable for any loss resulting from the use of its content. In the event of fraud or other illegal activities, this site will provide all necessary user information to the relevant regulatory authorities. When a regulatory agency requests investigation of fraud or other illegal activities, the user’s account may be frozen.
(6) The user registration and the contact information after the registration change are all valid contact methods and can all have the legal effect of delivery.
(7) Please read the terms of this agreement carefully when you register. If you have any objection or need to explain this website, please feel free to contact this website for explanation and explanation. If you do not object to this site or request an explanation, it means that you have a full understanding and understanding of the terms of this agreement, and that the BitexBay.com platform or BitexBay.com Technology Co., Ltd. has done a lot for you Explain and explain.