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Cash Withdrawal Guide

1.After the registration is successful, enter the user center

2.Choose the currency you need to withdraw currency and click the currency button.

3.After entering the coin page, please enter your wallet address and enter the number of currency and asset password. Here is a very important point. If you are transferring the currency to the other trading platform's wallet address, make sure that the address of the wallet supports the currency, if you can't get to the account or to the account. The money manager platform does not take any responsibility. Please contact the customer service of the trading platform to help.

4.When confirming the accuracy of the currency address and quantity, click submit the application. 

5.In order to ensure the security of your money, we all have a special person to check the application of your money. If the amount of the money is large, we may call you to verify, please keep the communication unblocked.

6.After the examination and approval, we will immediately launch the block chain transfer, the account time is normal to 30 minutes to 2 hours, the specific situation depends on the block chain network node confirmation speed.